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IFTA Fuel Tax Report - 1 Truck 1 Quarter IFTA Fuel Tax Report - 1 Truck 1 Quarter

Filing Your IFTA Report

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is a pact between the lower 48-states and the ten Canadian provinces. It requires all interstate motor carriers to report fuel taxes. However, the agreement doesn’t affect Hawaii, Alaska or the three northern Canadian territories.

IFTA was put in place to replace the old fuel tax system. Previously, trucks were required to have a separate decal for every state they operated in. IFTA simplifies the reporting and paying of taxes.

The IFTA pact is intended to simplify the hassle of reporting fuel tax for trucking companies. This includes owner-operators who operate across IFTA jurisdictions. The agreement applies to all trucks meeting the qualifications below:

A. Those with two axles and a gross vehicle weight rating or registered gross vehicle weight above 26,000 pounds

B. Those of any weight which have three or more axles

C. Any combination of vehicles with a total gross vehicle weight or weight rating above 26,000 pounds

Our Price: $95.00
Ifta Fuel Tax Report Package - 4 Quarters Ifta Fuel Tax Report Package - 4 Quarters

We offer a full year of fuel tax reporting at a discounted rate. This will cover a full - 4 quarters of fuel tax reports.
1st quarter through 4th quarter
2nd quarter through 1st quarter
3rd quarter through 2nd quarter
4th quarter through 3rd quarter.

Our Price: $320.00