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IFTA Add Truck IFTA Add Truck

if you need decals for additional trucks on new and/or renewed IFTA accounts.

Our Price: $15.00
IRP- Adding Truck To Application IRP- Adding Truck To Application

this service is to add additional units/trucks to your application process to obtain new and/or renewed tags.

Our Price: $25.00
IFTA Supplement Application IFTA Supplement Application

IFTA supplement applications are required to add or remove trucks, request additional or replacement decals or to update your company information on file.

Our Price: $65.00
IRP Supplement Application IRP Supplement Application

You are required to file a supplement application to make changes to your existing IRP account/fleet. Changes can include but are not limited to: adding or removing a trucks, updating your company profile information such as your address, phone number or email address on file with the state apportioned office as it's vitial that all your contact and fleet information remain updated.

Our Price: $75.00
IFTA - Support Self Submission IFTA - Support Self Submission

With our IFTA support services, we will complete the required applications for you needed to establish your IFTA account with your state and provide you with them along with step-by-step instructions on submitting them to your state via online, mail or in person if available per your state requirements. If you have multiple trucks that require IFTA be sure to add IFTA Add Truck to your cart. Additional trucks/decal request are $15 each.

Our Price: $85.00
IRP - Support- Carrier Submission IRP - Support- Carrier Submission

With our IRP Support Services, we will complete all the required Applications needed to be submitted to the IRP office of your state. Included with this service is step by step instructions on where to submit your applications online, or in person if available. We also assist you with the process of making sure you have all of your required supporting documents needed for account approval. Please note some states require IRP submissions via online portal systems only. In these cases we will provide you with the needed information to navigate your states trucking portal so that you can successfully upload your applications and supporting documents.
If you have more then one truck/unit you need set up besure to add IRP ADD Truck to your cart also. Additional trucks are $25 each.

Our Price: $95.00
IFTA New Account Set Up-Agent Submission IFTA New Account Set Up-Agent Submission

With our IFTA new account set up- agent submission services we will complete and submit all the required applications needed to establish your IFTA account with your state's department of Revenue. Upon approval of your IFTA account temporary credentials are provided by most states for your to operate with until receiving your IFTA decals in the mail. All states mail out decals directly to you.

Our Price: $135.00
Drug Consortium Program Drug Consortium Program

Motor carriers whose drivers are required to have CDLs must have a drug and alcohol testing program.

Motor carriers operating vehicles requiring a CDL must test drivers for illegal substances and alcohol levels at various points of employment:

  • Before they are hired (pre-employment screening)
  • After an accident
  • When there is reasonable suspicion
  • At return to duty after a controlled substances or alcohol violation
  • Through a random testing process either by implementing a random program or joining a consortium. Motor carriers with one driver must join a consortium.

Employers are required to keep detailed records of their alcohol misuse prevention programs and store them in a secured location for the amount of time defined in FMCSR Section 382.401, Records Retention. Motor carriers may self-administer their programs (if they are not owner-operators) or contract it out, such as to a consortium that provides drug-testing services to many carriers. Owner-operators cannot self-administer their programs, and must enroll in a consortium.

Our Price: $149.50
IRP- New Account Set Up - Agent Submission IRP- New Account Set Up - Agent Submission

With our IRP New Account set up service, we complete and submit all required applications for your state and collect all required supporting documents from you needed for account approval. This service does not include the tag fees that will be due at the time that your IRP account has been approved. Pending state approval your tags are mailed directly from your state IRP office to you. Upon payment of the tag apportion fees temporary IRP credentials and cab cards are provided via email for you to operate with until your tag arrives in the mail.
If you have more than one truck/unit you need to set up be sure to add IRP ADD Truck to your cart also. Additional Trucks are $25 each.

Our Price: $195.00